Optometry Services for Baldwin City Community

Optometry Services for Baldwin City Community

Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau are by far the most knowledgeable, professional and friendly eye doctors serving the Baldwin City, Kansas area. From comprehensive eye exams for children and adults to treatment for dry eye syndrome and management of ocular diseases and much more, Letourneau and Dobbins are your trusted Baldwin City area optometrists for top notch eye care.

Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau have both been in practice for many years and each is an amazing, well-trusted optometrist in his own right.

Dr. Dobbins completed his Bachelors' Degree at Kansas University and he went on to receive his Doctor of Optometry from the Southern College of Optometry. Dr. Dobbins is a member of the Kansas Optometric and American Optometric Society and has been in practice for 38 years. He enjoys knowing that his patients are happy with how he helps them safeguard their all-important sense of sight.

Eye Doctors Serving Baldwin City Community

Dr. Letourneau received his B.A. in Human Biology from University of Kansas. After this, he continued on to University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry and received his Doctor of Optometry there. Dr. Letourneau is also a proud participant in the InfantSee program and other programs that provide for the visual needs of people and populations that otherwise may not be able to access proper eye care. He specializes in diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease, including glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes, as well as pediatric and family eye care.

Eye Exams in Baldwin City, KS

Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau speak often about the importance of regularly scheduled comprehensive eye exams, which they are happy to provide to the residents of Baldwin City and its surroundings. These eye exams are important for children to be sure that they have proper eyesight for school and extra-curricular activities. With Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau, your child's eye exam will extend beyond the traditional eye chart reading that is often associated with a pediatric school readiness exam. They will also check for other essential school-readiness skills such as your child's eye teaming ability and hand-eye coordination, as well as eye conditions, such as strabismus and amblyopia, that often show in childhood, may hinder your child in school and in life in general, and can get much worse if not treated in early childhood.

For adults, routine comprehensive eye exams are important for screening for common eye conditions, such as glaucoma, retinopathy and macular degeneration, that are often linked to aging, especially for those over 40. These conditions often may show only slight symptoms, if any at all, and may not be detected in time to prevent significant visual damage if you are not cautious to have your eyes screened regularly for these and other sight-threatening conditions.

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment in Lawrence & Baldwin City, KS

Dry eye syndrome is another condition that our trusted Balwin City eye doctors, Dobbins and Letourneau, are expert in treating. Dr. Letourneau explains, “Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition in which the eye is either unable to create enough tears to coat the eye, or the tears are not made properly to keep the eye comfortably hydrated. Many treatment options exist for this unfortunate condition, and we invite anyone in the Baldwin City community who is suffering from dry eyes to come in and see which treatment options benefit them the most.”

Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau have many years of experience in dealing with various eye-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment and many more, and they are proud to bring to the Baldwin City area the latest technology for the early detection and treatment of these conditions. Comments Dr. Dobbins, “We offer the latest cutting edge technology to our patients because we understand that the best way to ensure our patients' long term eye and visual health is to ensure the earliest detection and treatment. Early detection and treatment translates to the best chance of successful patient outcomes.”

For the best eye care in the Baldwin City area, contact your premiere optometrists, Drs. Dobbins and Letourneau, today.

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