What Are VUITY® Eye Drops?

Your eyesight is changing if you find that you need eyeglasses for reading, using your computer, and other tasks. The aging process often affects the eyes as they lose the ability to see clearly, and this condition is known as presbyopia and is common among individuals over 40. Presbyopia worsens over time, especially in dimly lit environments. The refractive error happens when the eye lens behind the iris becomes rigid, losing the ability to focus.

Understanding Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a relatively common age-related condition that causes blurry near vision. Most people agree that it is an annoying yet natural part of aging. Individuals over 40 find it difficult to focus up close as the eye lens fails to change shape. Loss of focus makes it difficult to read small print, but distance vision is usually not affected. Failing to correct the vision often leads to eyestrain and headaches. 

Symptoms of Presbyopia

Some of the most common signs of presbyopia include:

  • Difficulty seeing texts or numbers on the phone

  • Difficulty reading text in a book or magazine

  • Holding items at arm's length to read labels

  • Blurriness when looking at the computer

  • Excessive squinting

  • Need for brighter lighting to improve clarity


VUITY Eye Drops

VUITY eye drops are FDA-approved prescription miotic eye drops that help manage presbyopia. Taken once a day, the pilocarpine HCL ophthalmic solution helps treat age-related eye conditions. 

They use pHast™ technology to adjust tear film pH. The drops are a quick fix that begins to work within 15 minutes and lasts six to 10 hours. Using eye drops once a day helps prevent disruptions during various daily tasks.

How VUITY Eye Drops Work 


VUITY eye drops work by causing stimulation of the muscles in the iris, the part of the eye surrounding the pupil. The muscles contract and relax, widening and narrowing the pupil based on the amount of light getting into the eye. 

Applying the eye drops reduces the size of the pupil temporarily. It improves the focusing ability while keeping distance vision clear. Proprietary technology enables the eye drops to adjust to the tear film's natural pH quickly, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Effectiveness of VUITY Eye Drops

Users experience improved near vision within 15 minutes after using VUITY eye drops, and the results usually last up to six hours. Optimal results can be achieved in about 30 days. Clinical studies determined that people who received VUITY showed significant improvements in vision clarity. The drops do not impact the clarity of distance vision. Eye drops work best in individuals between the ages of 40 to 55. 

Are you tired of trying to find reading glasses when you need to see clearly? Talk to your eye doctor about VUITY eye drops. The drops offer an easy solution for restoring clear vision. You should use the medication regularly for the best results. 

For more on VUITY eye drops, contact Drs. Dobbins & Letourneau Eye Care at our Lawrence, Kansas office. Call (785) 843-5665 to schedule an appointment today.

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