I don’t think my child is ready for contacts, is there any other options to slow the progression of myopia?

Yes!  Atropine eye drops have been used for centuries in eye care and for myopia management.  There are a number of studies that show Atropine in 1.0% concentration can control the progression of myopia up to 75% or more.  However, there are many side effects to using the drop at this concentration, including pupil dilation which causes increased light sensitivity and the inability to focus on near objects.  

So, how would the drops work for my child?

Researchers have been studying Atropine at much lower concentrations to see what concentration would still have an effect on slowing the progression of myopia but would not result in significant side effects.  

Would my child still need to wear their glasses?

Yes, in this case they would still have to wear their glasses.  We always recommend children wear UV protection; it is especially important for those using low dose Atropine drops as their eyes may still be slightly more sensitive to the sunlight.

How do you get the drops and how are they used?

Because we are using lower concentrations of Atropine, the drops have to be specially made at a compounding pharmacy.  The doctor would prescribe the drops and have them mailed to you.  The instructions for use would be to put 1 drop in each eye at night before bed.

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